Leven zonder geld, zo doe je dat – Life without money


Original text: Als je de gedekte tafel van Alma, Raphael en Nieves ziet, zou je niet denken dat zij iets tekort komen. Toch proberen zij zoveel mogelijk zonder geld te leven. Het voedsel dat ze eten halen ze uit afvalbakken bij supermarkten. Bizar genoeg is het weggooien van goed eten niet verboden, maar het uit de afvalbakken halen wel. Daarom gaat Raphael ‘s nachts op pad, samen met vrienden.

Raphael en Alma delen ook weer een groot deel van de dingen die ze vinden. Ze zijn lid van een online platform voor het delen van voedsel. Op het platform wordt gewoon eten gedeeld, maar ook bijvoorbeeld fruitbomen die je gratis mag plukken.

Wat Raphael, Alma en hun vrienden doen gebeurt ook in andere landen. In de VS bijvoorbeeld heet dit “dumpster diving”. “Eten wat de afvalbak schaft” gebeurt ook in Nederland.

De documentaire is in het Duits, maar Nederlands ondertiteld. Duur: 29 minuten.

Google translate: ( because i do not speak Dutch or German)

You would if you see the set table of Alma, and Raphael Nieves, do not think they are missing something. Still, they try as much as possible without money to live. The food they eat take them out of bins at supermarkets. Bizarrely is throwing away good food is not forbidden, but out of the bins though. Therefore Raphael‘s night on the road, along with friends.

Raphael and Alma also share a great part of the things they find. They are members of an online platform for sharing food. Is just eating on the platform shared, but also, for example fruit trees that you can pick for free.

What Raphael, Alma and their friends also happens in other countries. For example, in the US this is called “dumpster diving”. Eat what the bin purchasedhappens in the Netherlands.

The documentary is in German, but Dutch subtitles. Duration: 29 minutes.

Summary: Meet a family of 3, they try to live as sustainably as possible, taking money out of the equation. The family lives on dumpster dived food, and some of what is collected from supermarkets.

Watch the documentary (there are English subtitles as well), and think about how sustainable you can be with you life

Since October, i tried to live without money, mainly it started off like i had no choice, i was really struggling but not struggling as much, i mean my rent is paid, i do not spend great amounts of money on food, and yet somehow weeks before my stipend came in, i found myself counting the pennies. I got obsessed with not having enough money, and angry at having to scrip and save, and then i thought where the most of this money is spent, on food! so a friend and i went dumpster diving, and i have since lived on food from supermarkets dumbsters

One bourgeois style store (PLUS) fed me for the last month or so, i still have food collected from there, although one staff saw me and told me off, scolding me for going through their bins! i could not believe my ears, and asked him if he was serious for scolding me for taking food they had thrown out. He explained they get in trouble with the law! fair enough, they have since locked their bins inside and i cannot dumpster dive there, so instead SPAR in the next town some 5km away is my new place. Mainly i get a lot of pre-packed veggies from there, for some reason they also throw away alot of diary but i am not a diary fan, so i leave these behind, but for vegetables, i am sorted!

Living without money is not easy, but i feel somehow that it is getting slightly easier for me, only slightly. It has made me  think alot about spending money on things, only purchasing what i really need, but really i would like to think i have all i need for survival, i have a warm jacket and shoes on my feet, and scarf to keep me warm and a supply of soup for the coming winter 😉

what more could i desire?

living sustainably is possible, it might not be living without money, but minimizing personal waste, and using only the resources you really need and leaving enough for the next person, there is enough to go around for everyone but we are only ”selfish” in not evenly distributing it

The little pile of food i dumpster dived from a local supermarket,
The little pile of food i dumpster dived from a local supermarket,



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