The Geography of a Suburban Farm

I cant say i have ever experienced the same joy in life, as what comes from eating food that you have grown with your own hands
As the world’s population continues to move into urban areas, we may see a growing need and indeed a growing movement in peri-urban farms,
What are your thoughts on people in cities growing their own food?

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Jillian Levine lives in Maryland, where she works as an assistant market manager for Butler’s Orchard. For more information about Butler’s Orchard, visit or email Jillian at

Photograph courtesy Jillian Levine Photograph courtesy Jillian Levine

If you’ve ever traveled through the suburbs of upper Montgomery County, Maryland, you might be surprised to come across Butler’s Orchard, a family-owned and operated market and 300-acre Pick-Your-Own orchard. Nestled in between sprawling suburbs and new housing developments, Butler’s Orchard has remained a picturesque agricultural getaway for the thousands that visit every year to pick their favorite crop, find delicious local treats in the Farm Market, and enjoy various farm events and festivals every year.

Pick-it-yourself or fresh from the farm! Photograph courtesy Jillian Levine Pick-it-yourself or fresh from the farm!
Photograph courtesy Jillian Levine

During Geography Awareness Week this year, as we think about the future and geography of food, it’s important to remember how important place is to how food is grown, purchased, consumed…

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