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Living by the Principle of Sharing

This is the story of Raphael Fellmer, his wife, Nieves Palmer, and their young daughter, Alma Lucia, who stopped using money as a form of activism.  They believe overconsumption leads to unnecessary waste which eventually leads to environmental destruction.  By foraging food from grocery store dumpsters and acquiring free lodging by house sitting or couch surfing, the family of three has most of their basic needs met.

In 2008, Raphael decided to live entirely through the principle of sharing as a alternative to the unsustainable methods he saw around him. Along the way, he established a global network to expose unethical conduct by firms, promote transparency and increase the pressure on companies to change their environmentally damaging practices. He is responsible for international press and media relations, as well as the coordination of volunteers and ambassadors for foodsharing.de, a website exchange platform that promotes the sharing of food that would otherwise be wasted.

“I’ve always wondered what I myself could do so that all people could have the same privileges – life without hunger, without war and suffering. I’ve never understood why children come into this world to die of hunger. Originally I wanted to become a millionaire to be able to help people. Then I wanted to become an aid worker. I found however that this was not the right thing for me. Then I began a “consumption strike,” to publicly declare that I would live without money. My intent is also to bring attention to the fact that society is not talking about the people who die needlessly every day” Raphael

Living without money, how do you do it: watch their story here


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