What is PermaCycle?

Sometime in the middle of the year, i started contemplating cycling from Holland to somewhere. Like o really really really thought about it, started researching, talked to cyclist friends i used to know, started thinking about the route, ‘would i have time to stop over in Austria to see my family, maybe Switzerland to finally hug Serena after so long, how would i contact the farms, …. all these questions. One thing i knew for sure was that, i did not want to just go, i wanted to have a mission for the cycling trip, to achieve something along the way and really for this to be a learning journey but also a way to give back to mother earth.

I am part of ‘TWAM’  travel with a mission and last year i travelled across East Africa as part of  travel for impact , a trip that i have put on hold but will revive soon , my friend Mohammed is  Cycling around the world in support of environmental stewardship, and i got a request through warmshowers to host these guys from agrovelocities. So all these ideas kept coming to me, and i kept thinking ”there is going to be alot of planning involved, and where will i get the money, etc

In the past, i have done my fair share of WWOOFing, and i thought, hey, how about i cycle from city to city stopping along the way and volunteering on farms but also blogging about food production? The idea was that i would stay on farms for a bed and food and in return ofcourse help out, but also i would write something education about the good practices that were unique to these farms

Then i met Rob on warmshowers. I was checking around for a bike and ideas for touring accessories and we both realised that we shared bike touring in common and rescuing food that has been thrown away. Rob is part of the team at what the fiets, a not for profit service run by volunteers in the Dutch city of Utrecht, they help people repair their bikes and in return ask that you pay it forward by helping out another person with their bike woes. When i went to visit Rob, we got to attend the opening of a veggie bar in town, went to a house party where i met someone that i knew while i lived in Georgia but we had actually met in Armenia and had similar friends in IRAN! (crazy world). The highlight of the evening was the food we rescued from the university catering service, lots of bread, pizza, pastries, fruit, it was awesome. We talked about cycling, and because we are both advocates of ”waste not want not”, i figured when i do embark on the cycling trip, Rob will be the kind of person to go with.

But the whole point of this post, is to introduce you to a really cool project from these 2 earthlings, Seth and Jasmine of ‘PermaCycle”, ”an adventure, a journey, a desire for the liminal phase of transition, a coming of age, and pursuit of happiness…PermaCycle is a cycling trip across the country that will connect Jasmine and myself with all things Permaculture related, or as many as possible. This can include small or large farms, food forests, eco-villages, homesteads, or even just backyards…” Please follow their journey and support them physically, emotionally, spiritually by sending positive vibes, love and light to them: Rolling a tread between People and Permaculture

On December 24th, i will be travelling to Uganda as my mum and i finally put in place the learning permaculture center. We will have school plots for school children to come and learn about permaculture and grow their own vegetables while learning about food and nutrition. Through our ‘fruit in schools project”, we want to distribute fruit trees in schools so school children can adapt various fruit trees (passionfruit, mango, papaya, pome, orange, grapefruit) while learning why it is important to eat more fruit and vegetables to curb obesity and malnutrition. We are also going to have a herb garden where various natural herbs can be grown and sessions will be held to engage in the sharing of indigenous knowledge and passing it on to the younger generation. It is going to be tough coordinating all these because next year is also when i plan to be doing my PhD, but i have the utmost faith in my mum, i always say to her she has healing hands, PLUS Christmas came early when i gave her my Ipad which i was not using, this way we can communicate and be on top of things, but i will also be sourcing seeds from different open source agriculture centers around the world, in the hope of introducing them to a climate like we have in Uganda, then seeing if they survive and if more of them can be grown (not GMO)…

My friend Johannes is also in Tanzania, and he just acquired a piece of land to build a permaculture and community healing center, so i am hoping to go over and visit while i am in East Africa. Exciting times ahead



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