Food Tank – Online discussion on farmer-led innovations

Food Tank invites you to become part of the discussion on farmer-led innovations and share your experience in creating innovative, on-the-ground solutions to agriculture and farming challenges around the world.

Questions to consider include:

  1. What food and agriculture related challenges have you faced that have required you to come up with a solution? What was your solution?
  2. What channels, platforms and resources have you used to learn about innovations that address agricultural challenges?
  3. How can we harness current innovations, knowledge generation processes, and evidence to improve food and nutrition security?
  4. How can sustainable agricultural innovations be more effectively shared with farmers, eaters, agronomists, women and youth groups, scientists, and other stakeholders around the world?
  5. In what areas do we need more research to create environmentally sustainable and socially just solutions for the future of food and agriculture?

Please email your answers to and share these questions with your network!

Food Tank will be compiling your answers and sharing updates as the information is gathered.


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