eConsultation on Nutrition and Food Systems

In view of the implementation of the decisions of the International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2), of the implementation of the  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – particularly Goals 2 and 13, and in consideration of the recognised compelling need to foster a solid scientific and technical background in support of the CFS work-stream on nutrition, there is an imperative need to examine the links between nutrition and food systems.

At its 42nd session in October 2015, the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) decided that the HLPE will prepare a report on Nutrition and Food Systems, expected to be presented at CFS 44 in October 2017.

To prepare this report elaboration process, the HLPE is launching an e-consultation to seek feedbacks, views and comments on the following issues’ Note on Nutrition and Food Systems proposed by the HLPE Steering Committee.

There is a diversity of food systems and  growing evidence of the health and nutrition implications of different food systems. The overarching issue in this report shall be to assess the influence of various types of food systems on diets, nutrition and health. It shall consider food chains from farm to fork and all the sustainability challenges of food systems (in the economic, social and environmental dimensions) and how they relate to nutrition.  This calls for a report  grounded on a multidisciplinary approach, and on a critical synthesis of the existing research and major reports, building upon multiple sources of evidence, not only academic but also experiential knowledge.

More information about the consultation can be found on the FAO website

Please note that in parallel to this consultation, the HLPE is calling for expression of interests of experts for joining the Project Team as a leader and/or as a member. The call for candidature is open until 30 January 2016; visit the HLPE website for more details.



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